The purest indoor air, alertness and symptom-free living for all homes and workplaces. Choose the front panel material and colour to suit the interior decor. The arc stand is included in the delivery.


Front Panel
Back side
  • Uniq is an effective air purifier for homes and offices. It quickly and effectively removes all unhealthy impurities from indoor air: room dust, animal dust, pollen, gaseous impurities such as air pollutants, VOCs, toxins and odours as well as microbes, mold and microplastics.

    Uniq is easy to place anywhere in the room: on the floor or table with the stand provided, or on a wall mount. The air purifier is plugged into a standard power socket and easy to move from one place to another. The elegant design and front panel plus the changeable back cover ensure that Uniq is permanent element in better quality of life.