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LF Double light system

  • The light of the UVC-LEDs kills the bacteria when exposed to the surface. The device detects motion. The motion interrupts the UVC disinfection and continues after a predetermined time after the movement is over. During motion detection, the disinfection program cannot be started.

    For example hotel rooms, SPA treatment rooms, meeting rooms, kitchens, hospitals, stalls, theaters,  etc. 

    The system consists of a control unit, required number of dual leds (normal light and UVC-LED) and a motion detector. The device also functions as a standard adjustable lamp.

  • Disinfection time adjustable: 10 - 40 min
    Operating temperature: 0 - 50 ° C
    Material: Aluminum frame



    LF-DLS is always dimensioned on a case-by-case basis.
    Dimensions of LF-DLS standard light: 500 mm, 1000 mm
    Detachable circular beam: ∅ 65 mm



    Electricity price: 15.00 cents / kWh
    Use: 10 times / day (10 units) - Disinfection cycle: 10 min
    Usage: 0,0025 € │ Day: 0,025 € │Month: 0,75 € │Year: 9,00 €