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AntRobot™by Tekno-Ants (mobile robot for disinfecting)

  • Can be used to spray disinfection liquid indoors or outdoors.

    Can be used e.g. to disinfect shops, schools, hospitals, airports, markets, sports halls etc.
    AntRobot™ is remote controlled or autonomous. Remote control is handled by PC software or smart phone APP via 4G or Wifi network.
    Containers for disinfection liquid range from 5 to 100 l.
    Spraying range is 1,5m-3m wide, area approx. 5000-6000 m² per one charge. Automatic charger available.

  • LogiRobot™ specifications

    Load on top max 200 kg
    Load on the trailer max 2500kg
    Autonomous and manual operation
    Automatic charging station

    Motors: 2*1,5 kW
    Battery lifetime: 5-8h
    Weight: 480 kg
    Size: width 98cm, length 165cm, height 78cm

    Safety solutions

    Laser scanner
    Ultrasonic sensors
    Safety bumpers
    Emergency stop button
    Caution light
    Sound signals