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What should you know about viruses to protect your horses?

Kauss Northern Purity is the founding member of HorseBox TM - disinfection and wound heeling solutions developed in close cooperation with the horse industry to challenge it needs to cover ongoing EHV-1 outbreak. Proved to kill all viruses including EHV-1 Rhino Herpes virus, infuenza, and other pathogens.

HorseBox TM Surface is a disinfection liquid that is highly efficient, non-toxic and totally nature friendly solution. It can be sprayed via bottles, or fogged via automated fixed installations or backpack solutions. HorseBox TM Surface works perfectly together with the AntRobot™ automated mobile disinfection robot. Packages are available starting from 5 l canisters to 1.000 l IBC containers. Ideal for horse stables, show venues and horse logistics.

Ehv-1 Rhino Herpes virus can be transferred through the air from horse to horse up to distances of five meters. UniqAir Pro air purifies reduce virus levels significantly in stables. To protect both horses and the crew.

UVC-LED cabinets (available in different sizes) and boxes are fast and safe solutions to disinfect stables' and riding schools' inventory. UVC-LEDs can be installed inside trailers so keep them disinfected all time.

Please read six facts about the current ehv-1 outbreak from

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