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UVC-LED: 3 actual cases

LED Future's solutions are great ways to keep your working environment safe, and same time deliver uniques brand activation elements. We collected three concrete cases to understand better various possibilities of UVC-LEDs.

1. Disinfection of 3D glasses / equipment after each use

Reference client: The University of Tampere in Finland

LED FUTURE Disinfection Cabinet is a perfect solution for disinfecting small and medium-sized objects. 3D glasses and 3D equipment can not be disinfected with the usage of chemicals. UVC-LEDs solved this problem. The cabinet has a basket where multiply objects can be disinfected at the same disinfection cycle.

With a disinfection efficiency of 99,9%, the disinfection time is 2 min only.

2. Boost traffic to mobile operator's shops and keep service people healthier

Reference client: DNA (mobile operator in Finland)

Finnish mobile operator DNA has invested in safe disinfection already before Covid-19. They have a large amount of LED Future's IQ boxes in physical stores and service stations.

In every DNA store in Finland, it is possible to find 1 - 2 IQ Mobile boxes for disinfecting showroom devices, or ask a sales person to disinfect your own device. This is a great way to active consumer flows to physical stores.

Every mobile device that enters the service is first disinfected with IQ Mobile Box. This creates a safer working environment for employees and reduces sick days even "normal times".

3. Helsinki Airport keeps passengers safe

Reference client: Finavia - Helsinki Airport

LED Future - UVC LED Disinfection System provides full 360-degree disinfecting for security trays at Helsinki airport. LED UVC lights are barely visible for human eyes; therefore, the blue light is an ongoing disinfection indicator. UVC LED units are installed in the invisible area of the security trays return system; therefore, it is 100% safe for humans. UVC LED lights to destroy 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in 15 sec before the tray returns.

Please read more from the official Finavia www page.

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